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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 1, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. a new kind of scare in the air. an emergency landing for an american airlines jet. a row of seats comes unbolted from the floor mid flight. more problems for an airline already under fire. countdown. the new abc poll out two days before the first crucial debate. president obama awith a razor thin lead. and arnold schwarzenegger is here. moment of impact. caught on tape. the most dramatic footage ever recorded. 38 cameras captures every angle. a boeing 727 crashes in the desert. inside the discovery test that could make all of us safer. >> they're still running. look that. and taylor swift speaks out
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for the first time about her high-profile relationship with the kennedys. opening up about her success and her brand-new camelot romance. >> there's a lot of talk about you and the kennedys these days. >> is there? do tell. and good morning, everyone. we hope you had great weekend. we got news from robin over the weekend. >> we did. >> she's been tweeting this morning. a special request for everyone at home. it's great to be able to say that robin is doing very, very well. we'll hear more from her. it's monday morning. also ahead, arnold
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schwarzenegger is here for the first live interview since his book is out. he's opening up now about the moment he confessed to his wife, maria shriver about having an affair with the family housekeeper. >> the book is called "toting recall." superstar lindsay lohan accusing an aide of assault. he's got a thing for getting in famous pictures. we want to get to josh. the american airlines scare. >> they had to make an emergency landing because of some of the seats in the cabin got loose. abc's senior correspondent jim avila is here. >> reporter: good morning, josh. abc news has confirmed that american airlines is
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investigating how and why a row of seats aboard one of its boeing 757s, flying between boston and miami came loose from the coach cabin in mid flight on saturday night. forcing the pilot to go to j.f.k. airport in new york. while no one was hurt, three passengers were moved to other seats in the cabin, and once the plane landed safely, the passengers and all of them boarded another flight to miami. they suffered a three-hour delay. the faa and american have been investigating the cause of the issues. american, of course, has been suffering through labor issues as it goes through bankruptcy in attempts to cut its maintenance workforce. this comes on top of lots of problems for the airline as it suffers what it fears are pilot sick-outs and delays that have inkconvenienced passengers. what has happened so far, the faa said it's monitoring closely. the union has nothing do with this or any of the delays. josh? breaking news overnight from afghanistan. three american soldiers have been killed after a motorcycle packed with bombs rammed into a
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military patrol in the eastern coast province. the taliban is claiming responsibilities. the attack comes one day after the u.s. death count in the war reached 2,000 troops. and security concerns after keys went up for sale online. a new york post reporter bought a set for $150. the keys are meant for firefighters and can be used for locked subway stations. to cut power and to paralyze elevators in skyscrapers. meanwhile, new information about gas prices overnight. they are coming down but not as quickly as we all hoped. the average stands at $3.78 per gallon. down three cents in the last week. aaa says it will likely be november before we can see any significant drop in prices. and one of the country's
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busiest roadways, the 405 through los angeles has reopened this morning after what was called carmageddon 2. l.a. freeways had 20 be closed down so crews could tear down that bridge. and a large part of the bridge came crashing down unexpectedly on a hillside below, no one was hurt, in fact, they opened the freeway ahead of schedule. meanwhile, overseas, winds topping 100 miles per hour. in japan, look what it does to that car. picks it up and throws it like a toy all the way across that parking lot. no one was inside the car at the time the wind struck. the storm, meanwhile, dumped some 20 inches of rain in central japan. and we close with a sunday that will not be forgotten by anyone watching. a stunning collapse by the u.s. team at the ryder cup in chicago. let the groans fly, people. all the americans had to do is win 4 out of 12 singles matches sunday in front of a raucous home crowd of some 40,000, in
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medinah, just outside of chicago. instead, it was a choke of epic p proportions. falling painfully short losing to the europeans, 14 1/2 to 13 1/2. europe's top player rory mcelroy almost didn't make it to the tee time. he was watching the golf channel in his hotel. he didn't realize he was in central time, not eastern time. >> are you serious? >> yes. got there with minutes to spare. still managed to win his match as did virtually everyone else. >> i know. my husband was walking around in mourning overnight. >> it was a catatonic afternoon. and a race to the white house and a new abc news/"washington post" poll out this morning shows president obama has a narrow lead just before the first crucial debate coming up this wednesday. in a moment, we're going to have former california governor arnold schwarzenegger weigh in on all of this. but it is "your voice, your vote," and abc's david muir is
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here with the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. this is a tight race, in fact the new poll shows president obama leads just two points likely among voters. and this morning, just two days before that big debate, who do voters think will win? >> hello, las vegas! >> reporter: overnight in las vegas, the president playing the odds, talking about predictions and the first all-important debate. >> i know folks in the media are speculating who is going to have the best zingers. no, no. governor romney, he's a great debater. >> reporter: the new poll shows him with the razor-thin lead among voters. when voters are asked who they expect to win, 63% of voters told us they think the president will win in november. as for the all important debate, 56% said they expect the president to win. both campaigns deep in debate prep. both trying to lower expectations. >> all right. >> reporter: with one notable exception.
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republican chris christie telling george, expect a difference race. >> when we get to thursday morning, george, you'll be shaking your head saying it's a brand new race. >> reporter: and if the president argues that romney wants to cut taxes for the rich, christie's response -- >> stop lying. he's saying that the wealthy will pay just as much. >> reporter: romney does say he would eliminate tax cuts across the board, but would lower common deductions, too. with the new poll showing the majority expecting the president to win the debate, the president's focus will be to avoid unforced errors. like president bush checking his watch back in 1992. or vice president al gore taking that awkward step towards george w. bush. >> and i believe i can. >> so many believe that al gore had invaded george bush's personal space there. we had a poll asking who would you like to see on "dancing with the stars," 51% said the president. 26% said romney.
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but also this, who would you trust to babysit your children? listen to this. dead even. both at 41%. >> i'm not surprised by that. one is a good father. the other, a good grandfather and father. the likability so important. thanks, david. george? thank you very much. arnold schwarzenegger here for his first live interview about his autobiography "total recall: my unbelievably true life story." it's on sale now. it covers arnold's whole life, from a rough childhood in austria to body building and business. and the movies and politics and the affair with the housekeeper. and the moment he finally confessed to his wife maria shriver. there's a whole lot to talk about. arnold, thank you for coming in. >> you're welcome. >> let's start out with politics now. you're still a republican, right? >> yes. >> but you haven't yet committed to mitt romney. why? >> well, i always wait until the last minute. and there's some very interesting debates coming up. and i think it's always nice
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when you see both of the candidates next to each other and debate the issues. and then you can -- >> there's a chance you could vote for president obama? >> i'm open-minded. i want to hear what everyone has to say. and i'm not one that just votes on one issue. i vote on the whole package so which one of the candidates has the best package? because no one is perfect. no one is exactly what you want. the i deal thing is if you could vote two candidates together. but that's not going to happen. so, you know, i keep an open mind. >> let's talk about the book a little bit. we asked maria shriver to comment. she has not given one to us. has she let you know what she thinks about it? >> well, i think it's very difficult, you know, obviously, for the family and the kids when this whole thing kind of gets brought back. >> then why write the book?
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>> well, the book was an idea that simon & schuster wanted me to write an auto bbiography for the last 20 years. i always thought there wasn't enough of a story. i didn't have time because i was doing two, three movies a year. but i think after the governorship, you know, i started thinking about it again. and just one of the most incredible immigrant stories. it's extraordinary when you think about coming over here with absolutely no money and making it through, climbing the ladder in the body-building sport and becoming the best and winning 13 championships. then going into movies when everyone thought it would never happen, a leading man in movies with an accent, with a name like that. and not really having any acting background and climb up to be the highest paid actor in the history of motion pictures. and then all of a sudden, there's a recall election in california. and to jump in there and become the governor of the greatest state in the union.
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so clearly, it's an interesting story. >> it certainly is. you write about how the day after you left the governorship, maria confronted you in the therapist's office. but she had actually come to you about the affair and the possibility of a child many years before, correct? >> mm-hmm. >> why didn't you admit to it then? >> i just didn't know how to. i think i was too scared about losing her, losing the family. i just didn't know how. >> do you think you should have? >> well, it's easy to be smart in hindsight. but the bottom line is, what it is then over what it is now, it's just one of the disastrous situations that i have created. and it's the worst thing i've ever done. >> worst thing you've ever done? worst secret? >> well, not just the worst secret. just the worst thing because it hurt so many people. and the mistakes and the failures that i've had in the past. and i write about all of them in the book. >> you do.
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>> because i always felt that it should be a book about me, and not just about my successes. because there's failures, there's downsides, there's mistakes that i have made in politics, in person lives, in the movies and so on. but this is the worst because it affected so many people. >> it affected so many people. i want to talk about the political effect as well. you know, i was talking to my wife about this, in the book, the part she could not get over, how do you keep mildred in the house knowing all of this? >> well, it's worse when you start getting rid of people, because it's kind of like punishing somebody for having been in this situation. so that's the best way that i could handle it. i think the important thing now is for, "a," recognize it. and i think that doing the book was really kind of an interesting way of analyzing my life. i hate going back, and thinking about the past. whether it's my childhood or the body building, anything.
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i always look forward. this book made me look back. and i think analyzing that specific thing was, you know, kind of a -- really, a painful but necessary. because when you look at the whole thing, it was just so horrible. what it did to the kids and what it did to my wife. because they were really fantastic. i have the most extraordinary family. that anyone could ever dream of. >> have you been able to repair your relationship with them? >> you know it takes time. i've had a good relationship with the kids. and i've had a very good relationship with maria. but it takes time. and i do everything that i can to work on that, because i want to get them back together. because i think we were such a terrific family. and just because of my doing, doing this stupid thing, i got into this situation that i'm in. >> you write an extraordinary thing. you say you're optimistic that you and maria will still be
7:15 am
together. how can you find that optimism? >> i'm an optimistic person. i think it's because everyone is interested in that. i'm sure that maria didn't say that. but i'm sure that maria wishes we all could be together. and i definitely all wish we could be together. >> one final question, have you been able to be a father to joseph, your son with mildred? >> yes, and you know, i will look at him as a son. and i will take care of him financially. and also, mildred. it's my obligation and i'm doing it. >> and it seems like you may have learned something from all of this. what would you say your biggest lesson you take away as you look back, and think about writing the book and go over everything in your life? >> i think that you learn, i don't know how much this helps you, but you learn that one stupid mistake that maybe you
7:16 am
think is good at that moment can really destroy a lot of things and can hurt a lot of people. that don't deserve to be hurt like that. and maria did not deserve to be hurt like that, nor do the kids, nor do everyone in the extended family. so everyone has been hurt by that. and that's -- you know, i'm trying to rebuild all of that. >> we want to talk about much more in the book later on in the show, but right now got to get to elizabeth. george, thanks so much. now to that new drama for lindsay lohan. the star accusing a congressional aide of assaulting her in a hotel room over the weekend. john muller is here with the latest. good morning to you, john. >> good morning, elizabeth. she is no stronger to the lapd, and lately, she's getting to know the nypd pretty well. lohan says she was physically assaulted in a hotel room. but this morning, it comes down
7:17 am
to she said/he said. the charges now dropped. >> reporter: lindsay lohan may be no stranger to legal trouble, but this morning, she says this time she was the victim. the 26-year-old starlet says she was assaulted on monday by this man, a part-time congressional staffer named christian labella. labella is seen posing here with paul ryan and reality star kim kardashian in photos on facebook reportedly met lohan over the weekend at this trendy manhattan nightclub. lohan told police that at the end of the evening, she and a group of friends invited her back to her room. but the star said when she found pictures of herself partying on his phone she took it. and confronted it. that's when lohan says he threw her on to the bed, scratching her hands. police say lohan ran out of the room and into a stairwell, but labella allegedly followed her, choking her from behind and throwing her to the ground. at that point, lohan told police she pulled a fire alarm.
7:18 am
officers later arrested labella as he tried to leave the "w." he was initially charged with third degree assault and harassment, but the charges were later dropped. >> this is more high school than it is criminal. the police really sort of view this as a minor altercation. >> reporter: police now say they have documented harassment complaints from both lohan and labella. >> it really is no surprise something like this happens when you're using bad judgment. >> reporter: and, of course this is just the latest headline for lohan since she arrived in new york a few weeks ago. after she arrived a few weeks ago, a hit and run incident outside of a club. a man accused her of hitting him and leaving the scene. >> all of this happening at 4:30 in the morning. don't these people sleep? sam? >> makes you wonder. >> sam? >> no, they probably don't. not according to the headlines. hey, good morning, everybody on your monday, just a brief second over the weekend with the tornadoes in mississippi.
7:19 am
the flooding all over the state of texas. some of the storms will shuffle a little bit east. so nashville, atlanta, birmingham, montgomery, mobile, tallahassee, that's the area of severe thunderstorms that could pop up. that could include flooding rains or tornadoes in that area. take a look at los angeles, 101. that's a record if you get there. 100 degrees would be the previous record. san diego, 94, that would be a record by a degree as well. still the big heat in northern california. that big fire danger continues.
7:20 am
>> all of america's weather coming up in the next half hour, everybody. >> all right. thanks so much, sam. and coming up on "gma," a bizarre murder for hire plot. a teacher allegedly calling a hitman to kill another teacher. we have the explosive reporting. plus, a jaw-dropping look at a boeing 727 crashing on purpose. and taylor swift, she talks to us about her relationship with the kennedys. ylor swift, she talks
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we put our name on it. at jcp shop you'll find well-made clothes that stand on their own and mix with your favorites. building blocks of style at amazing prices. and only at jcp. to make just about anything delicious. introducing new jif chocolate flavored hazelnut spread. whatever you put it on... reaches a whole new level of deliciousness. choosy moms choose jif. good morning i'm eric thomas. breaking news from the port of oakland. firefighters put out a big rig fire this is the towering black smoke that came from the burning rig minutes ago. the tire started after 7:00 this morning at 7th and middle harbor road. -- firefighters were able to put the fire out within 10 minutes.
7:25 am
we are headed to the scene we'll bring more information in our next update. right now sue tells us how that was affecting traffic. >> you could see the smoke from the maze and 880 but that is not affecting traffic. slow out of the central valley from tracy up and over the altamont accident north livermore west 580. north 880 at 1238, slow on nimitz and slow -- slow north 101 jammed up from south san jose. >> we question come back mi
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welcome back. check out what is missing. the clouds, fog, no flight arrive delays into sfo, a lot of sun and warmth today, 71 in fremont, 48 half moon bay, 49 santa rosa most of us in the 50s and 60s. temperatures anywhere from 13 to 17° above average today,
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boy, look at that 727 crash in the desert. but here's the trick. it was on purpose. it's all part of a dramatic experiment for discovery channel documentary. and we're going to have an exclusive on how the unpress da sented crash can make all of us safer. good morning, everyone. as you know, robin is recovering from her bone marrow transplant. >> you know 76% of people on board survive even serious plane crashes. this is important to watch. also coming up, that strange murder plot for fire. a teacher accused of hiring a hit man to kill another teacher. you'll need to hear it to believe it. you know, taylor swift has got a lot of buzz around her right now.
7:31 am
around her personal life as well. only right here when we go behind the scenes of her "glamour" cover shoot and an abc news exclusive and also what she's got to say about maybe dating a kennedy. >> maybe? they are. >> we'll have that. but we do begin with that florida high school teacher trying to take out a hit on a fellow teacher. jim pepe in the act. we're hearing that for the first time. >> what do you want done with bob meredith? >> i want him killed. >> all right. >> we got to [ bleep ] -- >> reporter: an 11-minute profanity filled conversation caught on tape. teacher james pepe alleged patching a murder plot against fellow teacher bob meredith. >> or he's going to do it? >> here's the deal, you should just talk to the guy. why don't just talk to him.
7:32 am
how do you want meredith killed. >> any way he wants. i don't give a [ bleep ]. >> reporter: prosecutors played it during the arraignment saturday. the teacher was talking to a friend who secretly began working with authorities after pepe allegedly paid $2,000 to have meredith killed. >> he wanted me to kill him i was uncomfortable with that because i've got kids. he wound a white supremacist, that didn't work. >> reporter: pepe was upset that he thought meredith was spreading rumors about him. >> he would find people to be conspiring against him when that wasn't the case. he would have a feeling those people are out to get him. >> reporter: pepe allegedly has a history of co-workers.
7:33 am
saying quote, several professionals described your demeanor in terms as hostile, aggressive, extremely volatile and your anger as alarming. >> he look us up with any [ bleep ] we need. >> reporter: after hearing these tape, the judge denied bail, and this morning, pepe sits in jail awaiting trial. for "good morning america," john schriffen, abc news, new york. let's get more from "gma's" legal analyst dan abrams. >> when are people going to realize hitmen don't exist, right? it's always going to a friend going to another friend, and the friend ends up getting caught. and we also see defenses which is i never actually planned to do it. i was never actually going to go forward with this. it was just idle talk. and i think what they're going to say here, they're going to say he was entrapped. >> that's what i was going to ask you, it seems like the
7:34 am
friend was trying to get in touch with him. >> look, if they can get that tape excluded from evidence. there's going to be very little that the authorities have. they need that tape in evidence. and they're going to say, look, i was never going to go forward with this and this guy starts giving me ideas, why don't you do this or do that. >> how common are these incidences in hostile in cases like this? >> they're not. i don't think they're that relevant here you're talking about a misdemeanor case in 1995. you're talking about an allegation with regard to his conduct at school in 2001. remember, there was never an allegation of him doing anything to children. it was always the way that he dealt with authority, fellow teachers, et cetera. but, you know, compared to an allegation of solicitation to commit murder, the rest of the stuff is minor. >> understatement. dan, thanks very much.
7:35 am
hey, george what a weekend for operations like texas, they don't get rain almost all year and in some cases more than eight inches of rain since friday. take a look, balancer, texas, by the way, just soaking all through that area. there were water rescues, we had reports all over the state of texas. mittland da and odessa gets more rain than they had all season long. this is good news coming quickly. again, it doesn't stay where they need it to stay. they needed soaking rain but it's a problem with the runoff. we know there's going to be heavy rain involved with this in the southeast. pay attention in knoxville. raleigh and atlanta, you're just in that heavy stream of rain as well. these will be big rainfall totals. some of it will come with powerful thunderstorms. burlington, buffalo, new york,
7:36 am
>> you know, kansas city, you're in the good stuff too. all that weather was brought to you by cvs. george. coming up, moment of impact, a boeing 727 crashed on purpose into the desert. an exclusive look at the dramatic discover test that could save lives. i love my extrabucks rewards, and right now, they're doubling! so, when i shop -- i earn twice as much with double extrabucks rewards. that's two times the rewards! yeah, that's what double is. i know. i was agreeing with you. it's two times. act fast and sign up at for double quarterly extrabucks rewards. don't miss getting double quarterly extrabucks rewards. i love 'em!
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in a triple action formula to relieve your tough migraines. back now at 7:40 with those stunning pictures of a boeing 727 crashing into the desert. the terrifying moment of impact caught on 38 cameras. such a jaw-dropping experience help us all fly more safely. well, it's all part of a documentary airing on discovery channel on sunday. abc's neal karlinsky has an exclusive preview. >> reporter: you're watching one of the most ambitious tests ever in the name of airline safety. this boeing 727 is being deliberately crashed into the desert. on board, mon $500,000 of crash test dummies. 38 specialized cameras, sensors and a crew of pilots wearing parachutes. they jump out of the back of a plane. then the huge jet line esche
7:41 am
careens into the ground. a horrific, yet survivable crash that tears the plane apart. this stunning crash was done for the discovery channel's "curiosity plane crash," after four years of planning and with a huge team of experts. >> parts are still running. look at that. >> reporter: all to better understand what really happens to people on board. >> i suspect this one may have a concussion that one may have a broken leg. >> reporter: dr. cindy burr was in charge of the unlucky passengers. she told us her data makes it crystal clear that you prepare for an impact. what should you do, put your hands over -- >> pull your head down and hold it. >> reporter: and that works? >> yeah, it does. >> reporter: the crash was a belly flop slightly nose front. passengers near the front took the brunt of it.
7:42 am
asset 7-a was actually catapulted out of the plane. many of the seat belt passengers had spinal injuries from jerking forward from the lap belt. and she showed us something else in her lab. a simulated mother holding an infant on her lap. a familiar money-saver for parents everywhere. after a relatively minor impact, the mother can't hold on, even though she's done the same thing as a parent, dr. burr said having a child on your lap simply isn't safe. >> it hits the mother, did you see that? >> reporter: the plane crash revealed other things, too, like the tremendous amount of debris that can be deadly to anyone sitting upright. also, how critical it is to be able to make your way out fast. generally sitting within five rows. an exit gives a passenger the best odds.
7:43 am
heard le heartlesssons from a harrowing crash. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, detroit. >> we're joined now by experts involved in this experiment, dr. cindy burr from wayne state university and dr. thomas bar. good morning, welcome to both of you. dr. burr, i want to start with you, we talk about the importance of bracing. it's because of all the debris flying, right? >> well, it's the debris flying around, you're very vulnerable in that upright position. it's amazing how much blew into the plane. with the crash test dummy, the one in the braced position actually had lower risks. >> but also with smoke, with flames, to be down like that and even to be covered by a coat or one of the blankets on board can
7:44 am
help protect you? >> exactly. that's exactly what we're seeing. >> it also showed that passengers sitting within five rows of the exit had a much higher chance of surviving. but the important thing is, because we can't all sit there, have a plan. if you know -- usually, it's not an unexpected event. you know you're about to crash. look around when you get on the airplane. look where the exit row is. count the rows from your row to the exit, have a plan once the chaos starts? >> exactly. because once that chaos starts because it's really hard to see what to do. plan ahead. >> this was also designed to make airplanes more flame retardant structurely, did this surprise you watching this? >> well, it surprised us in the sense it gave us a full crash environment so you really get to see the whole picture which you never get to see in the lab. so it gives us an opportunity to have a whole new data set to use
7:45 am
for seats and interiors. >> so what would you change now? >> well, it's difficult to say what you would change. like there's nothing -- they're doing a pretty good job right now. it validated what the current safety regulations and measures are doing. so without making a big drastic change, oh, this is a problem. in other words, it gives you information that says, okay, we can do this, we can use the forces we measured at the floor to see how better seats and interiors could be designed. >> for example, at the start of the show today. we had a row of seats become unbolted from an airplane in flight. >> right. >> might you be strengthening those on other flights coming up? >> it's probably more of a maintenance issue. the strength is usually good. it's making sure everything's put in properly but it will help you understand the limits of survivability. >> well, it's a fascinating experience. most crashes are in fact surv e survivable contrary to popular
7:46 am
belief. dr. barr and dr. barth, thank you for being here. you can see this curiosity. on discovery channel sunday, october 7th. we'll have much more on "nightline." coming up, josh is back with "the play of the day."
7:47 am
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day"! >> you know, faithfully, when we first heard those word, confusing america and confusing us to this day. we don't know what they say. >> is it "friday "? >> it might be. the first ever "the play of the day." you remember, biker in south africa. the antelope. this was the very first. >> like it was yesterday, josh. >> who knew. from such humble beginnings. buffalo bill. and everything is going just
7:51 am
fine. >> come on. >> look, they're in their territory. so that's a deer. >> oh! >> oh, is the deer okay? >> the deer is fine. here's the replay. deer scampered off safely. the 16-year-old had to go to the e.r. he checked out fine as well. >> he did? >> yeah. note to self, don't do anything on wheels that -- you know, everybody was okay. [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again.
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7:56 am
>> find out more about the weather here's mike. >> big story how warm it is going to be well above average 13 to 20° today, triple digits east bay, 90s inland, 80s, 90s bay, 70s at the coast with sun, cooler weather hits tomorrow,
7:57 am
spreads inland by thursday nimitz is nasty, earlier problem northbound at 238 southbound continues to be very, very slow north 101 at story has things jammed through san jose, big back-up there westbound 80 at 37 big rig two right lanes new accident peninsula north 101
7:58 am
7:59 am
[ male announcer ] introducing sizzler's signature sandwiches. starting at $6.99. our tri-tip with hand-breaded onion straws, our crispy shrimp smothered in bang bang sauce, and tuscan chicken on focaccia. sizzler.
8:00 am
♪ ♪ can't get next to you babe can't get next to you ♪ and welcome. team robin out there in times square this morning. we are getting some tweets from robin this morning. just a couple minutes ago, she put out "rabbit rabbit." that's what she puts out at the beginning of every blow. month. as you know, she's recovering from her bone marrow transplant and doing pretty well. >> indeed. she's also asking all of you for songs to play while she recovers. we're hearing the temptations "i can't get next to you." robin, we know you're watching between the toes so, again, get well soon. >> get on back. >> i tweeted out "runaways" from the killers because they were so good a couple weeks ago. elizabeth vargas is back.
8:01 am
>> it's great to be here. an abc news exclusive, taylor swift behind the scenes of her "glamour" cover shoot. she's opening up about her huge success and her kennedy romance. also, we'll have the world exclusive new song that you're going to hear right off her upcoming new album "red." also, anne hathaway. boy, if somebody deserves a fairy tale wedding it is arguably miss hathaway. you see her there. >> oh, beautiful. >> details from a top secret ceremony. >> that's after the fact. >> we had to work hard to get those pictures, josh. ladies and gentlemen, josh can't do it all by himself. who is bringing sexy back to television? "dancing with the stars." really heating up this season. >> wow what a transition. >> one contestant that you might
8:02 am
be -- just might be excited about. we want you to go to on yahoo! to vote for your favorite. we'll have the results. there they are. you can sideline vote for josh if you wanted to and we'll make him dance. >> and would you like to know, on that segue -- >> i don't know, josh is humble. >> okay. >> or you could write in george or sam. anyone. all right, we're going to begin with a major scare for passengers aboard an american airlines flight. they were flying from boston miami but had to be diverted to new york after an entire row of seats became unbolted and began sliding around. no one in fact was hurt. the faa is now investigating. this comes, of course, amid a string of other problems at the airline, including american pilot sick-outs and delays. meanwhile, crunch time for the presidential candidates as they head into this week's debate. running a tight race, our new poll shows president obama running a two-point lead over mitt romney. amid likely voters, ahead of wednesday night's face-off. the president now in nevada preparing for the debate. mitt romney rehearsing in massachusetts.
8:03 am
both campaigns are downplaying expectations. and a deadly day in afghanistan. three american troops killed this morning in a suicide bombing just one day after a very grim milestone there. now more than 2,000 u.s. troops have been killed in the war. and a daring rescue caught on camera in texas. you can see this suv there burst into flames after the driver lost control and crashed. but then watch the driver of a passing car stops, rinking his own life. pulling that driver out on to the parking lot. and great news today, the man okay this morning. and u.s. agriculture experts say the concerns about a widespread bacon shortage in coming months are pure -- hogwash. the american farm bureau federation now says that pork supplies will just decrease only slightly over the next few months due to the drought. but you can expect to pay more. prices can rise by about 10%.
8:04 am
and, boy, attention parents. next big shortage could in fact be diapers. an explosion and fire closed this factory in japan over the weekend. that plant is the leading producers of super absorbent polymers. a key ingredient in roughly one-fifth of the world's disposable diapers and that is remarkably bad news. also, it is that time of year when everyone weighs a pumpkin. and america, we have a winner for you. ron wallace of rhode island actually just shattered the all-time record. he grew the world's first one-ton pumpkin, shattering the previous record by about 165 pounds which is roughly sam champion after sorts. pin -- pumpkin, it was just a tiny piece of that. >> we want to see the pumpkin. >> yeah. >> josh, you really should have given us the pumpkin. >> well, how about the news?
8:05 am
>> i know. it's hard for me, george, josh, elizabeth, "pop news" misses mrs. lara spencer oh so much. they say milk does a body good. if you ask justin bieber, he might not buy right now. you see him kicking off the tour on saturday. he caught his own case of bieber fever. ladies and gentlemen, the superstar tossing the contents of his stomach not once, but twice, on stage. i know, everyone turned -- >> you did show it. >> no, we didn't actually show it. >> we just showed it. >> we did not show it. we did not. >> sam -- >> tweeting that mick was a bad choice. we recommend a little ginger ale that settles the stomach, but if you're in the front two rows at a bieber concert and he comes out with a milk mustache -- >> no. >> you might be begging for lara
8:06 am
to come back, too. olympic gold medalist ryan lochte knows how to make a splash. this is an all-around great guy. the 11-time medal olympic. he crashed a swim meet giving swimmers the surprise of their lives. they didn't hold anything back. they all jumped in the pool. they swam a couple of laps. ryan lochte won that race, but no hard feelings, because everyone got a picture to tweet, put on facebook. it was a really, really nice moment. what a great guy. he's one of the coolest people out there. she may be the world's sexiest soccer mom but there's another reason to kind of dislike her fashion sense because she's making it not okay for you to wear sweats to the soccer fields any longer, by the way. victoria beckham shows up at her son's soccer match wearing a black maxi. some people thought this was overdressed. she's wearing some smart wedges. we're going to show this momentarily, i know.
8:07 am
she has her trademark watch. we're going to show this any moment. a gold watch. maybe we're not. >> are you kidding me? we have no dress and no pumpkin? >> josh, josh, if you could just show the pumpkin, we'll tweet out the dress a little later. victoria beckham, by the way, has her own fashion line, so we're just saying. here it is, what keeps you awake in the morning. you can trade your morning coffee because it's actually a heaping helping of animal videos, ladies and gentlemen. >> a heaping helping? >> a heaping helping. turns out all you have to do is look at pictures of cute animals. it doesn't actually help you smile but it actually helps you concentrate too. unless you're doing it at work and then maybe you're like air traffic controller and we're saying, don't do this. a japanese university found that viewing images of baby animals improves your work performance and apparently it increases attentiveness. you can always count on watching your heaping helping --
8:08 am
>> i don't know. >> good work. >> george -- george. baby animals keep you awake and make you more alert. >> george, a heaping helping. >> we're going to move over and get back to -- >> we do. we're going to do weather from here and i'm going to dance around to the boards. the pictures out of boston, by the way. atlanta, wsb is where we're going. not boston at all. and wsb is going to show you that there's strong to severe storms popping up in that area. we think -- i don't even have a clicker. we're going to get better organized for this this week. seriously. as we get into this this week, it will be better and better. but here's where the strong storms give you, nashville, atlanta, birmingham, montgomery, tallahassee. all involved. these storms are not just the ones that deliver heavy downpours of rain. you do have to watch out because this is in that secondary season of a chance for tornadoes to pop up there. so we think that's a
8:09 am
possibility. some cooler air pops into the northwest. this is good news of how many fires are still burning in that area. the cooler air, a little moisture in the air isn't going to hurt that situation. a quick look at the big board there. >> i hope you're getting paid overtime for this. >> we were taking votes on how to do "the morning menu." >> thing drawing straws. >> this would be so much better if josh is doing it. here's a look at what's ahead on "good morning america" on morning menu. anne hathaway's top-secret wedding.
8:10 am
you saw some of the photos. we're going to give you the rest of the info. plus, the men of "dancing with the stars," the guys are heating up the ball room. you get to pick your favorite. we're going inside that as well. taylor swift behind the scenes on her "glamour" shoot. it's only right here. and also a snipp epet of her brand-new song. that's all coming up on "good morning america" live right here at times square. two years ago, the people of bp made a commitment to the gulf. and every day since, we've worked hard to keep it. bp has paid over twenty-three billion dollars to help people and businesses who were affected, and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy -- and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. we've shared what we've learned with governments and across the industry so we can all produce energy more safely.
8:11 am
i want you to know, there's another commitment bp takes just as seriously: our commitment to america. bp supports nearly two-hundred-fifty thousand jobs in communities across the country. we hired three thousand people just last year. bp invests more in america than in any other country. in fact, over the last five years, no other energy company has invested more in the us than bp. we're working to fuel america for generations to come. today, our commitment to the gulf, and to america, has never been stronger.
8:12 am
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8:14 am
funny, that last part gets through. [ male announcer ] serving nutella is quick and easy. its great taste comes from a unique combination of simple ingredients like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of cocoa. okay, plates in the sink, grab your backpacks -- [ male announcer ] nutella. breakfast never tasted this good. what a bargain! [ female announcer ] sometimes a good deal turns out to be not such a good deal. but bounty gives you value you can see. in this lab demo, one sheet of bounty leaves this surface cleaner than two sheets of the leading ordinary brand. so you can clean this mess with half as many sheets. bounty has trap and lock technology to soak up big spills and lock them in. why use more when you can use less? bounty. the clean picker upper. ♪ hey baby anne hathaway, the latest celebrity to pull it off. managed to get married in secret this weekend. only family and friends were
8:15 am
there. abc's paula faris has the inside details on how hathaway and other hollywood star it's keep the paparazzi away from their happy day. >> reporter: she played a princess on screen, but over the weekend, anne hathaway snagged her real-life prince "the dark knight rises" star tied the knot with jewelry designer adam shulman at a private estate in big sur, california. >> the anne hathaway wedding was very private. only about 110, 150 friends and relatives. >> reporter: "people" magazine said it was rustic, intimate and kept a secret to the press. the actress reportedly donned a valentino off-the-shoulder gown and kept things simple wearing no jewelry, but dazzled with
8:16 am
120s hat and veil. hathaway and shulman reportedly spending $100,000 on flowers alone. hathaway began dating shulman after her high-profile split from the italian businessman who spent five years in jail after pleading guilty to defrauding investors. shulman proposed in november. >> they've had plenty of time to know each other, know what kind of world they have ahead and clearly, they are very much in love. >> reporter: just a few weeks ago blake lively and ryan reynolds kept their wedding a surprise, even to the guests. natalie portman and benjamin with a traditional jewish ceremony in august was kept under tight wraps with only 50 people. >> it's not about the press. how many fans. it's simply about the basics. and the word is basically "love." >> reporter: proving that for many celebs, privacy is priceless. especially on your wedding day. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> happy weekend for anne
8:17 am
hathaway. let's go outside to josh and sam. >> well shg, josh and sam and m. it's micah. good to have you. all right. >> that was great. >> focused. you are focused. you look like a million bucks. the men of "dancing with the stars," fair to say, winning many fans? >> right. >> as they compete for that mirror ball trophy. go to on yahoo! to vote. we're going to have your results in a minute like sam tweets about it like i tweet about soccer. first, here's abc's cecilia vega. ♪ >> reporter: even the judges can't help but notice. there seems to be something sexier about this season's all-star men. >> you do just get like 3,000 times more sexy.
8:18 am
>> always looking like you're in a magazine. >> oh! panache and finesse! >> yabba-dabba do! >> a season of really sexy guys. >> the more you drink watching the show, the sexier i become. >> reporter: while soaking up the compliments, joey fatone, apolo anton ohno and emmitt smith are focused on their show. >> i'm under strict orders from "gma" to see sexy moves from you guys. >> sexy moves? >> ooh. >> the cha-cha. >> we can go outside. >> reporter: gilles marini will dance the jive tonight worried about a hamstring injury. i do this, this is when it goes -- he'll be jiving against helio castroneves and drew la she who won't exhibit his sexiness unless he has to. >> if it's trophy or no trophy, the shirt will come off. >> 3,000 times more sexy? wow. >> i love the comment. >> are you blushing a little bit? >> i'm not blushing.
8:19 am
>> it's that french, european sexy, oui sort of thing. >> he's blushing. >> yeah. >> is the secret weapon the day the shirt comes off? >> not yet. because we're doing the jive. it makes no sense here. i'll do the jive when it makes sense. >> i'm going to work hard on the stomach. when it gets down -- it's just hard -- it's not that hard. 2 1/2. ♪ >> teaching you a little bit of a language kind of latin love at all? >> fine but -- >> he's only taught me swear words so far. ♪ you got me where you want me ♪ >> do you feel sexy, emmitt? >> there's an element of dancing that makes every man feel sexy. >> when you're vulnerable as a man, that's sexy. when you're able to take direction from a woman, i think that's sexy.
8:20 am
>> reporter: and if that isn't sexy enough. maybe chocolate helps. karina smirnoff eats chocolate before every show. >> is it an aphrodisiac? i don't know. >> he becomes sweet. like a treat. >> for "good morning america," cecilia vega, abc news, hollywood. >> cecilia, thank you for that. "dancing with the stars" tonight, 8:00, 7:00 central here on abc. >> thank you so much. this young next woman holds the record for the most debuts in billboard history. taylor swift is one of the world's brightest stars and now she's sitting down for a "nightline" interview with cynthia mcfadden. for a big "glamour" magazine cover story. cynthia is here to give us a peek. good morning. >> good north, elizabeth. sometimes, you just get lucky and that's what happened to me when "glamour" asked if i would like to go to their cover shoot
8:21 am
in nashville, and interview the phenomenal taylor swift. well, i wrote "glamour's" november cover story on her on newsstands across the country on november 9th, we talked about fame, money, love and her new album entitled "red." take a look. ♪ you belong with me >> reporter: she sings of young love. ♪ if it meant a lot >> reporter: she sold more than 22 million albums, won six grammys. >> thank you, thank you, thank you! >> reporter: all at the ripe old age of 22. >> welcome to nashville. >> thank you. >> reporter: when i caught up with taylor swift, she was in the middle of shooting her third cover for "glamour" magazine. >> i would wear anything that they asked me to, really. >> you're very compliant. >> yeah. >> for a person who has -- you are also very organized. >> you pick your battles, you know? >> is that what it is?
8:22 am
>> it's like, fighting with me on top, that's not a hill i want to die on, you know? >> reporter: her public persona is one of innocence. and sweetness. and inside, accomplished professional and somewhat giddy kid. >> and this is my favorite thing. >> oh, i love those. those are the two things. the real taylor twist? >> i'm for real going to steal them. >> you are? >> reporter: she also may be the most successful singer/songwriter of her generation. you're the number one earning star 30 years old or younger. beating justin bieber. >> oh, yeah, someone told me that. >> reporter: rihanna. reportedly $56 million last year. >> that's a lot. >> does it feel a little intimidating sometimes? or not? >> part of it. >> it's big. >> it just doesn't feel that. t doesn't feel like a weight. it doesn't feel like my life is in other people's hands and i'm this puppet in all of this. >> reporter: in fact, she
8:23 am
is very much in charge when it comes to her career. she has a new album coming out later this month, the first track has already set records and gone to number one. ♪ we are are never ever ever getting back together ♪ >> reporter: who could that be about? we know who it's not about. this summer, the country princess reportedly began a new romance with conor kennedy, the son of robert kennedy jr. there is a lot of talk about you and the kennedys these days. >> is there? >> reporter: there is. >> do tell. >> reporter: reports that you're dating conor kennedy, true? >> yeah, i don't talk about my personal life in that great detail. i write about it all in my songs. but when i get in an interview, it just sort of feels -- it's not as much what i do. talking about it. but i feel like you can share enough of your life in your music to still let people know what you're going through and
8:24 am
how you feel and still develop a connection without, you know, talking too many details. >> reporter: ethel kennedy was asked what she would think of having you as a granddaughter-in-law, she said, we should be so lucky. >> she's fantastic. i love her. >> reporter: but for all the romance, one very steady relationship is with her music. you have been -- rolling stone said she's one of the few genuine rock stars we've got with a flawless ear for what makes a song click." >> when did they say that? >> reporter: june. >> they said that? >> reporter: they did. recently, too. >> wow. >> reporter: it's so funny. you're so impressed. >> i guess for me, i just don't really quite believe it yet. >> reporter: so you are not blase? >> i try to be sometimes, but it's just hard when you get excited about stuff. ♪
8:25 am
>> reporter: there's a lot to be excited about these days. she is truly adorable. and, oh, so talented. imagine, she wrote every song on every one of her albums. elizabeth, you mentioned she holds the record for the most top-ten debuts on billboard history, looks like she's poised to do it again. and extend that winning streak. this new album. tonight on "nightline," you'll hear much more from her as well, as well as the debut of her "glamour" cover as i go behind the scenes with editor cindy levy and her team. >> you really liked her? >> i did. >> and taylor swift will be here when "red" is released. after her live interview on the 22nd, she returns tuesday, october 23rd, for a special "gma" concert. but right now, a little exclusive. first listen of taylor's title track "red" which you can get at midnight. >> hi, it's taylor.
8:26 am
today is october 1st, so that means my new album "red" comes out this month. in honor of that, the song released on itunes is the title track "red." i wrote the song about some things are hard to forget because the emotions involved with them are so intense, and to me, intense emotion is red. and we're going to play "gma" an exclusive preview of it right now. so i hope you like it. i'll see you back here live on times square in three weeks. ♪ losing him was blue i will never know forgetting ♪ him was like trying to know somebody ♪ ♪ you never met but loving him was red ♪
8:27 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. big gun that once served on the battleship missouri will be slowly moved today. this is a look from sky 7 hd of the giant 68 foot long weapon which weighs 120 tons, saved from the scrap heap by the national park service and returned here for display. it has been 64 years since a gun of its type has been in the area. right now let's see how our morning commute is going. very slow southbound 880 from 92 earlier accident his -- hesperian gone. 101 north story road san jose earlier accident things are jammed 101 from south san .
8:28 am
accident 80 westbound at 37, big rig still blocking two lanes. --
8:29 am
already 71 in fremont, up to 72 antioch, rest of us in the 50s and 60s. poor air quality possible today especially east bay valley, hills and santa clara valley all of us under a spare the air day. 90s to 100s inland, 80s, 90s
8:30 am
a ♪ ♪ ♪ it's been a long time, a long time for the new album. we're going to hear from them today. wallflowers playing in just a few minutes. good morning, america. as you know, robin recovering from her bone marrow transplant. lara is off. >> i love the wallflowers, can't wait to see them perform live.
8:31 am
and coming up this morning, we have one of hollywood's leading men just over there, signing autographs. >> liam neeson. it's a new sequel. in "taken 2." it is great. >> what's he doing? >> by the way, taking one, taking two, i've seen the trailer. >> first, it's just "taken." not "taken 1." >> not taking. he's here handing out tickets. another reason for you to come to times square. and spend your morning with us. >> that's right. we also have the results of our "gma" poll that we took in the last half hour. we asked to you vote on the sexiest male contestant from "dancing with the stars." and the winner is -- drum roll, please -- gilles marini followed by emmitt smith. remember, you can see all of those wonderful gentlemen heat
8:32 am
up the ball room on "dancing with the stars" 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. right now, you can see more of arnold schwarzenegger, his autobiography "total recall." but now we're going to get more into the story of his life. how he soared to the top of every field he entered. >> you wrote at the top of the book on page 15, you say, quote, i am absolutely convinced that i was special and made for bigger things. i knew i would be the best at something, although i did not know what. and that it would make me famous. now, you're a boy in a small town in austria. how did you know that? where did that come from? >> i just had feeling. i always felt, you know, when i saw pictures, for instance, of america. the empire state building. the golden gate bridge and hollywood. i thought one day i'm going to be over there and be in movies. it was not like maybe. i saw it very clear. >> how about body building? how did that come about?
8:33 am
>> that was only because i was in a bunch of different sports. but i saw right away when i joined the club and i was lifting weights, that within a short period of time, my strength doubled. it was just talent. the question was, how can you use that -- other body building champion to get into movies, whatever, i could use my body to get into america. >> and the success about the movies as well. you've got to tell us the story about "the terminator." you almost ruined the signature line "i'll be back." what's that about? >> i could not pronounce "i'll." so i just kept saying to jim cameron, maybe i should just say "i will be back." and it sounds more like a machine "i will be back." he said, no, no, i don't tell you how to act. don't tell me how to write. i wrote the line "i'll be back." so why don't you say this. but it sounds really weird when i say in my german accent.
8:34 am
he said, i don't care. let's just say it ten different ways. and it was, look, this is what we ended up doing. and the movie came out. i remember i was here in new york for the promotion and i walked down on park avenue, this one fan came up and said, say it. say it. i said, say what? he said, say the line "i'll be back." i said, "i'll be back." he said, no, the way you said it in the movie. i said "i'll be back." he said, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's the way. i realized how powerful this line was. >> james cameron was right? >> yeah, as always. he's always right. jim cameron is never wrong. >> tell me about politics a little bit. i always wondered about this. was the decision to run for governor simply a matter of opportunity that you saw that recall election or was it something you had been thinking about for the longest time? >> i think it's a combination of things because i wanted to give something back. i wanted to get involved in something, and accidentally, i
8:35 am
got into special olympics. then when i met maria and her mother, i really got sucked into the whole thing of special olympics. but then i got involved in the president's council on initiative. after school education, that gives after-school programs $500 million more. then the next thing was the recall election. it was the perfect situation. next thing you know, i won and became governor. >> we have 30 seconds. love one of your rules for success. stay hungry. at the age of 65, you're still hungry? >> very hungry. i still have dreams, still have visions. america has been the land of opportunity. i've experienced it first hand. you have a place where you can come with absolutely nothing and you can get everything if you're willing to work hard. it's been the greatest blessing coming to this country. >> arnold schwarzenegger thanks very much. "total recall" on sale today. let's go to sam and the weather. >> arnold had a lot to say to you this morning, george. nice interview.
8:36 am
nice to have him on the show. good morning, everybody. >> all: good morning! >> speaking of nice to have you on the show. wait a minute, pennsylvania, am i right? tell me your name. >> tonya. >> dennis. >> charlotte. not from pennsylvania? >> los angeles. >> and the philippines. >> melda. >> nice to have you here. a little bit of traveling involved in that. let's get to the boards. we're going to show you all the twitter and facebook pictures. new hampshire up front with beautiful color. and then rome, georgia, outside of atlanta. but inside are gorgeous pictures of the day today. let me show you the cooling trend into the northwest. after all the warmth and the dry fire season it's good to get a little cooler air in here. the folks working so hard to fight the fires every little temperature in drop will help them. there's where the severe storms are today. in the
8:37 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by bounty. i am so excited and you're about to vee why, i'm here with jami gertz. wait a minute, i do need a stick mike. i said i didn't want one for this interview. because i like to talk person-to-person. >> i have to say, i am a huge fan. i have to tell america, you're even more handsome in person. >> no -- >> i don't know how it happened -- even cuter in person. >> let's talk about the sitcom. by the way, i love you. "the neighbors." because this is like, you didn't come here to discuss normal because on this broadcast, we can't. >> no. >> but not everyone on your show is normal, so to speak? >> no, no, they're special. we are a couple that has three kids, married 18 years. i want my husband to take initiative in the marriage. i mean, maybe some flowers,
8:38 am
a little surprise sex in the shower. spice it up. he takes initiative and puts a down payment on a townhouse on a golf course. >> right. >> and moves the entire family. and we realize quickly there's something a little odd about the neighbors. >> something's different about the neighbors. >> they have names of professional athletes. even though they're not professional athletes. and it turns out the entire town are aliens who have been stuck on planet earth for ten years and we're their only human contact. >> now, there are some things that i loved about the show. you guys came on right after "modern family." that's a good audience to get. >> thank you. >> so don't leave the show. why do aliens have accents? >> well, because they don't like the guttural american. they take what's best of human, you know, the human athletes, and they take their names. and they don't eat. they get their nourishment through reading. >> learning so much. >> yes. >> it's a learning experience and one funny show. ladies and gentlemen, jami
8:39 am
gertz, by the way, "the neighbors" airs wednesday. i have loved every bit of it. >> oh, thank you. >> can't wait. you and i hanging out. liam neeson is coming up. by the way, we need to say that's 8:30, 7:30 central on abc. liam neeson right here live.
8:40 am
[ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are wonderful ...but add some ham and cheese ...roll them up in some crescent dough and tada, thursday is now... a ham & cheese crescent roll-up wonder pillsbury crescents, let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin.
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liam neeson is back by popular demand playing the action hero of "taken 2." in his new movie, we see him in
8:42 am
hand-to-hand combat, gun fights and lightning-fast crashes. fans will not be disappointed. we're happy to have liam here this morning. good morning. >> hi, elizabeth. >> i loved the first movie, and as did many people to the tune of $200 million at the box office. >> it did well. it did well. >> were you surprised it was such a big hit? >> we all were. we all were. we felt we were making this little tight compact european thriller that would do reasonably well and disappear into dvd land, you know. >> it became a box blockbuster. this really cemented your place as the action star hero? >> yes. >> you play an ex-cia operative in the first movie, protecting your daughter. in the second movie, we have a gang of albanian thugs intent on wreaking revenge against you and your daughter and your wife. let's take a look at a clip.
8:43 am
>> okay. >> turn left. >> will you come back? >> it's okay. around the block. >> yeah, yeah, i see. >> when i stop, i want you to get out of the car like you're a shopper. i want you to go inside. >> tell me -- >> driver, stop. okay. go. >> please, what about you? >> i'll be fine. the guys following us are about to have a problem. >> oh, are they about to have a problem. within moments you're fighting them off single-handedly. did you train a lot for the fight scenes in this movie? >> we have to do a lot, elizabeth. yeah, yeah, yeah. it was great. the stunt double mark vanselow has been in my life 12 or 13 years. he and the fight, wonderful. we get together from day one. >> we see you here doing it. basically, you're blocking the whole thing out.
8:44 am
so all that that we're seeing -- >> oh, yeah, yeah. that's -- that's the pace we go at from day one, and then we gradually speed it up. >> speed it up and speed it up. >> and then we do it blind folded. >> do you really? >> just to make sure -- >> you have the right feel. you were a boxer as a boy in ireland? >> as a kid, yeah. >> did that help? >> it did. as regards giving me the work ethic and the discipline to get off my fat -- and go into the gym, you know. >> good morning, america. >> should i have not said that? i'm still on last night's time. >> you're still on last night's time, exactly. >> actually, we just came back from south korea, russia, promoting the movie. so i literally don't know what day it is. >> or what time it is. >> or what time it is. >> it's monday, october 1st. 8:44. listen, you've done so many accolades and acclaim in very
8:45 am
dramatic roles. we do have a clip of you in a comic role. you were playing a hypochondriac. and ricky gervais is the doctor. take a look. >> knock knock. >> come in. >> hello. >> oh, not you again? >> i've never been here before. >> i thought you would having to the doctor before. >> don't presume. that's a backstory we didn't agree on beforehand. >> no. it's improper, isn't it, you go with the flow? >> i don't take notes. >> okay, comedy may be a stretch. you're still playing it exactly straight to the camera. the movie is "taken 2." it soaps this friday at the box office. it's a fun movie to see. and best of luck. i hope you get some sleep soon. >> thanks. coming up, the wallflowers perform live right here on "good morning america."
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
fair to say, an enthusiastic studio. why not, we're here with the grammy-winning group the wallflowers. sold more than 7 million albums worldwide. now they have a cd that drops next week "glad all over. october 9th because albums only drop now. they don't get released. "we're catching up with jakob dylan, ramify jaffe, stuart mathis, greg richling, jack irons. what brought everybody back together? >> it was actually seven years. >> seven? >> yeah. but i thought we -- we only thought we'd take a summer or two off. and it kept going and everybody got real busy. >> and so you reunite, you make this cd. why this? why this one from what we're about to hear. >> well, we just had a lot of music left in it.
8:49 am
we've got a lot of road ahead of us, it just worked on it in the studio. went down to nashville. i think we all thought we were having a good time, it was going to sound like that. >> they've sold millions of records worldwide. it's the comeback everybody is waiting for. the single is "love is a country" from the upcoming album "glad all over." the wallflowers. ♪ ♪ ♪ with the first sign of rain we found out that day ♪ ♪ that much is true ♪ you know what it feels like that much is true ♪
8:50 am
♪ ♪ to be kind to all the hardest thing the hardest thing ♪ ♪ love is a country they call when you're young ♪ ♪ ♪ so hard for us to find well down before i've even a chance to go instead ♪ ♪
8:51 am
♪ down on this life before i've been given the chance i watched you leave and it's done ♪ ♪ we're just in life where nothing happens where suddenly it does ♪ ♪ love is the country is the country that is best ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:52 am
♪ he said you'll never be boring keep me young ♪ ♪ still it is up to me to get it done ♪ ♪ ♪ with her name on the window and the fog settles down on the glass ♪ ♪ love is the country that i welcome back ♪ ♪ i welcome back >> thank you.
8:53 am
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8:55 am
i think stephen colbert is going to put us to the test tomorrow.
8:56 am
our thanks to the wallflowers. have a great day, everyone. we'll see you tomorrow. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. i need your help... i just served my mother-in-law your chicken noodle soup
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but she loved it so much... i told her it was homemade. well...everyone tells a little white lie now and then. but now she wants my recipe well...i'm not at liberty to give that out, but we do use tender chunks of white meat chicken in an herb & spice broth. come on that's it? i need the recipe. you gotta help me out! [ clears his throat ] [ softly ] she's right behind me isn't she? like a ninja! [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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good morning i'm kristen sze. grocery shoppers in san francisco will have to bring their own bags or pay up. the ban begins today. shoppers who don't bring their own will be charged 10 cents each. next year, entrance will be under the ban which is designed to help san francisco reach zero waste goal. mike i saw you grab your paper bag. >> i'm on my way to get lunch, got my bag! i've also got shortsleeves on under the suit, temperatures will be 13 to 20° warmer. poor air quality especially east bay valleys and south bay. cooler by thursday. hot spots out there, 880 northbound and southbound continues to be very slow south bay both 101, 280 and 85 slow. 80 westbound at 37 still with a big rig blocking rate lane ofr


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